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Business, done well, requires deep leadership skills, clear vision, and strategic alignment.  Organizations seek Rachel out as a highly skilled consultant and gifted facilitator whose systems-based approach leverages proven business tools. 

As an organizational development consultant, Rachel is committed to supporting individuals and organizations tired of the traditional band-aide training solutions to every issue.  She partners with clients who actually want to get to the root of the problem, however uncomfortable, and make forward progress that benefits the business and the people.

Her work focuses on developing the individual leader as well as the organizational leadership capacity.   Clients benefit from her powerful, proven tools and her artful facilitation that deepens leadership skills, strengthens teams, and emboldens clear communication.

Focused on practical applications to leverage the innate strengths that propel leaders forward, Rachel and her programs command interested professionals looking for the edge in leadership development

She customizes content to meet your organizational needs and also offers unique topics such as: 
Animal Wisdom™ for Business: Insights About the Animals You Work with
Everyday!  A nearly instant method of identifying leadership styles, strengths and
challenges of each, and who works well with whom.  See more...
“You cannot learn from a good book, because a book will not tell you what you don't want to hear."
~Lao Tzu


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