Executive Coach
specializing in mid-
career disillusionment.
Helping clients
answer the question,
"Is this really all there

Leaders face increasingly complex challenges.  With expectations higher than ever, development can feel like a luxury.  But isolation erodes the confidence and focus of even the most competent professionals causing erratic results and mid-career disillusionment.

Executives new to their role are at highest risk for derailing their careers by habitually using the very skills that brought them success in the past.  These transitions require thoughtful development through proven individual and peer learning to ensure continued success.

Organizations focus on results. Yet achieving those results can be illusive when everything is done through influence.  Creating the culture that enables the organization to execute on the strategy requires experience, executive sponsorship, patience, and a solid plan. 

Professionals and organizations need an ally with a clear and engaging approach that goes beyond quick fixes, traditional seminars, and the everyday band-aide training programs.

We bring to bear an alliance of highly skilled practitioners to work with select individuals and organizations.  We choose to partner with clients committed to their individual and collective learning to ensure forward progress that benefits business and people. 

"Everyone thinks of
changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself."
~ Leo Tolstoy

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