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Rachel’s work in the community comes from her capacity to stand in the space between factions in order to build bridges and reveal common goals. Her deep passion is building those bridges to unite law enforcement and the communities they serve around the common and collective good. 

As part of a law enforcement family with a strong commitment to social justice, she knows these commonalities first-hand and is able to create environments where those shared goals can emerge. 

Her ability to consistently drive to the heart of a matter with bold curiosity and direct communication is perfectly balanced with her humor and ability to create trust for meaningful, honest conversations about the issues that matter most to our communities.

Rachel and her affiliates specialize in the Adaptive Leadership approach, created by Ron Heifetz at Harvard University, which has proven effective in large, complex change.  Specifically focused on mobilizing people to tackle tough challenges and thrive, Adaptive Leadership ensures the under-represented voices are invited and heard. 

She is honored to collaborate with deeply passionate community organizations and law enforcement agencies to create results thought impossible. 

Communities United for the Collective Good
“To build community
requires  vigilant awareness 
of the work we must continually do
to undermine all the
socialization that leads us
to behave in ways
that perpetuate domination.”
~Bell Hooks

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