Rachel is a dynamic and energetic executive who spent years successfully navigating the global complexities of companies like Boeing, Costco, Microsoft, Alaska Airlines, and AT&T. She loves working with great people, finding creative solutions for messy problems, getting the work done in a way that develops capacity, and delivering results that make our world better. .

From scaling cultures in growth to effectively unifying cultures for M&As, Rachel excels at strategically architiecting cultures that deliver meaningful business results, build organizational capacity for excellence, foster a sense of belonging/inclusion, and increase employee satisfaction. Starting with the end in mind, she leverages disciplines across HR to design leadership programs, policies and practices that achieve practical, actionable outcomes.  

She combines senior leadership experience with entrepreneurial experise to propel organizations, teams and leaders to new levels of success. She believes managing people as catalysts for business prosperity includes ensuring they have energy, creativity and passion to bring back to their homes and communities.

Having built and run a successful small company, Rachel loves being scrappy and efficient. Her business savvy gives her the scope to collaborate with other executives, create the strategy, lead the execution and also roll up her sleeves to get the work done.

Rachel has used life's adversities to humble her, steel her character and teach her the complexities of resilience. It is that courage, perspective and humanity she brings to her leadership where she balances the art and science of human behavior with the business realities for organizational health. 

As an experienced global professional, she knows there is more than one right answer and that her success comes with the success of those around her. She has a deep passion for developing the next generation of leaders as a significant part of her leadership legacy. To set that example, she is a relentless learning and constantly hones her craft..

Finally, working to make our communities stronger, more equitable and more just for us all is an essential part of Rachel's life. Her parents inspired her to serve the community as part of their legacy and she is proud to continue that work in a variety of formal and informal ways.

Rachel Dexheimer
   Courageous Leaders. Powerful Organizations. United Communities.
Aligning Action with Vision for Meaningful Results
“Courage is the most important
of all the virtues
because without courage,
you can't practice any other virtue consistently.”

~Maya Angelou
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