Most adults are experiential learners - we learn by doing.  When learning occurs with the body engaged, we learn faster, retain longer, and are able to access the information, even under stress.

Our programs provide select individuals and groups the challenge of an advanced  practice-ground to master the powerful techniques that build greater leaders.  Read more about how horses challenge us to learn.

To maximize impact, we customize 1/2 day, 1 day, and 2 day workshops.  Topics include:

Leadership Presence: What happens when you step into an arena and ask a horse to follow you? Here’s a hint - it doesn't have anything to do with your title, your salary, or the model of your car. 

Powerful Relationships: Strong relationships are a key to a successful business.  Are you getting results and know there is room for improvement?  Raise your skills to the next level with the horses.

Bold Communication: Are you really 'saying what you mean'?  Horses dynamically reflect the signals you send so that you can decide if that is what you really mean and adjust accordingly.

No horse experience is necessary, and there is no riding involved. 
Learn by doing - not talking about it
“I hear and I forget. 
I see and I remember. 
I do and I understand.”

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Stop Talking and Start Learning

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