What if part of your competitive advantage was an unparalleled level of listening that hears the client's unspoken needs?  What could that mean to your success and to your company's bottom lines?

Verbal communication provides only 10% of the information available in any given conversation - that means we miss 90% of the information team members or potential clients are sharing!  Odds are, the key to a relationship with them goes unnoticed. 

To lead and inspire people effectively, one must master these non-verbal queues.  How better to learn this, than by working with masters in the language?  A horse that can read your every move - will he follow your lead?  Or will you be waiting for him to decide the course?

We work with select leaders who are ready to master the art of leading with their presence, not with just their words.

Our experiential learning workshops accelerate and ground those skills for individuals and teams so that you can focus on the business. 

Imagine what's possible when your entire organization connects more quickly with each other and with potential clients

"The pessimist complains
about the wind.
The optimist expects it to change.
The leader adjusts the sails."
~John Maxwell
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